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  Integrated weed control in trench cultures by band application of soil herbicide

Integrated weed control in trench crops aims to save a herbicide, treat a smaller area – only one that can not be handled mechanically, and protect plants from unwanted vegetation from the very birth of crop plants. The system is a herbicide tape applicator mounted on a pneumatic sowing machine. The tape applicator places a herbicide band 30 cm above the seeded row of sunflower, corn, beans and other crops. The remaining area between the rows remains untreated and machined with a cultivator. Thanks to this system the use of soil herbicides is reduced by up to 60%.
The system is implemented and produced at the Freygrens Bulgaria holding for the spring sowing of sunflower in 2018 and shows extremely good results in weed control and soil soil herbicide use and dropping treatment with vegetative herbicide. Plants grow much faster and are not in competition for water, food, and weed light. The residual amounts of herbicides in the plant are reduced to zero and the environmental pollution is minimal.
The system is realized as the tractor’s front suspension system is fitted with a herbicide solution. A pump is mounted on the tractor’s drive shaft after the seed drill fan, which sucks the solution from the canister and feeds it to a pressure regulator that delivers a fixed pressure solution to the nozzle mounting after the roller wheel of each sowing section. The nozzles used are special for strip applications. The pressure regulator has a second hose that returns the excess solution to the canister. For proper dosing of the herbicide, the tractor moves at a constant speed during sowing, and the dose is determined on the basis of the nozzle throughput in response to the pressure and speed of the machine.

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